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Whats in Store

Getting Organized?

Nowhere else will you find so many baskets made to fit inside cubbies, on shelves and under beds. They come lined and unlined, lidded and open, nesting and stacking. All are beautifully handwoven.

Solid Wood Storage Boxes

Paulownia trees are some of the fastest growing on the planet. When harvested, it regenerates itself from the root-system. Our paulownia wood storage boxes are built with interlocking finger joints and brass corner protectors. The look is early 1900’s, and the uses are endless.

Exotic Baskets from Around the World

As basket collectors ourselves, we support the artistry of weavers around the world. Our Fair Trade African baskets are handwoven in mesmerizing, color-rich tribal patterns. They come from Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Swaziland, Zambia and Botswana. Natural dyes and renewable materials like banana leaf, palm, wild grasses and vines are characteristic. Dazzling Zulu baskets are woven of brightly colored telephone wire. Our Cambodian baskets are intricately woven and have a rare elegance. Styles include tatami seagrass handbags, smoked bamboo vegetable baskets, subtly patterned breadbaskets and elephant baskets (great for big washdays).

All-Weather Wicker

We’ve made a specialty of wicker furniture that’ll survive the elements for many a season. You can practically live on your porch or patio with all the rockers, settees, armchairs, loungers and tables we offer. Virgin vinyl is tightly handwoven over sturdy aluminum frames. Cushions are available in hundreds of fabrics.

Big and Beautiful

Naturally heavy duty, our huge Indonesian rattan baskets can handle the heavy jobs without breaking a sweat. Perfect for firewood, bulky sports equipment and recycling.

A Place for Everything

Small spaces can be the most challenging to organize. Drawer organizers are compact and easily double as end tables or bed side stands. Who couldn’t use a little extra counter space in the bathroom?

Indulge in Nostalgia

Bring back the days before multi-tasking! You'll find plenty of nostalgic items at Basketville, like old-fashioned candy, cookie cutters, country cookbooks and retro tin ad posters and thermometers.

Laundry Lifesavers

Even your laundry can benefit from a trip to Basketville. We offer you a host of attractive and space-saving ways to carry it, dry it, stack it, and store it.

Plenty of Kidstuff

While you shop, the kids can browse our stuffed animals, books, collectible wooden toys, craft kits, games and puzzles. Our giant checkers set with a checkerboard rug appeals to kids and grandparents too.

Wine Tasters Welcome!

Take a break from browsing – and taste the award winning wines made here in Putney. The Putney Mountain Winery is right inside our store. Nothing could be more local, and the handsome bottles make these wines a great gift.

Wholesale Bargains

As direct importers, we’re able to offer selected items at wholesale prices to the public. If you’re looking to buy 60 bread baskets for the church bazaar, for example, or 100 wedding favors, we probably have just the thing!

Country Kitchen Essentials

Need a compost keeper for your countertop. Good reason to stop by Basketville. We accord the kitchen the importance it deserves. Peel a dozen apples in no time with our hand-cranked apple peeler. Find the perfect wooden cutting board in our expansive collection. Browse our salad bowls, apple bakers and myriad other items beloved of old-fashioned cooks. They don’t outfit kitchens like they used to. Except at Basketville.

All the Comforts of a Country Home

No home should be without an old-fashioned rocking chair, to slow the pace of modern life. A best seller at Basketville is our Old Order Amish rocker, handmade of American hickory and oak by Amish families. The family collects the wood, and the family craftsman makes the chair from scratch in his own workshop. No rocker leaves the artisan’s home until he sits in it first and pronounces it good.

Snack Like a Vermonter

It’s true, we Vermonters eat lots of maple syrup, sharp cheeses and sweet jams. For local flavor you can bring home, shop our pancake and waffle mixes, Vermont cheeses, barbeque sauces, Green Mountain coffee and maple goodies. We also encourage outdoor adventure eating with our great selection of handwoven picnic baskets.

We’ll Help You Celebrate the Seasons

Come to Basketville for wind chimes, whirlygigs and garden décor in the spring; picnic baskets for the summer; baskets for your harvest and pumpkins for your table in the fall; and everything you need to decorate your home and trim your tree at Christmas.

Frequent Shopper?

Help save the world from proliferating grocery bags! Consider an all-natural, handcrafted shopping basket from Basketville. We offer looks for just about every fashion taste: Nantucket shoppers, traditional ash-splint styles and exotic Fair Trade African shoppers in stunning tribal colors. Unlike paper or plastic bags, no two baskets are alike!

Cambodian Handbags

A lighthearted, lightweight alternative to cumbersome leather handbags – our trendy new Fair Trade shoulder bags and handbags are handwoven in Cambodia. They come in fun colors, and at our prices you might want two or three, to coordinate with different outfits. Interior pockets keep your wallet, cell phone and other essentials in order.

Traditional New England Ash Baskets

Our roots in the basketmaking trade go back to 1842 in Vermont, so we know more than most folks about New England Basketry. Our ancestors needed plenty of baskets around the homestead, and they picked up weaving techniques from Native Americans and fellow colonials. We do the same in our extensive collection of New England country baskets. For centuries artisans have valued ash for its “memory.” When steam-bent, ash holds its shape better than any other hardwood. At the same time, ash is the hardest of hardwoods, used to make baseball bats, hockey sticks and oars.